2012 Legislative Session

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2012 was a busy legislative session for those of us interested in animal protection.  Several bills supported by the Federation were signed by the Governor and have become state law.

-New requirements were passed for Pet Dealers that force them to have a relationship with a veterinarian that includes veterinary care for their animals, establishment of an isolation area for sick animals and a plan for exercising animals in their care.

-The possession of implements used in the course of training animals to fight or used during an animal fight have been prohibited.

-The use of heated cage dryers has been banned unless the heating element is turned off or the heating unit is hand held.

-The prohibition on live bird markets in New York City has been extended.

These are a few important victories, but they are only a first step.  There are many more issues for us to come together and work on.  I hope you will join us in our fight to protect animals.