The Federation’s Division of Animal Cruelty Law Enforcement wants to keep all ACO/DCO/HLE Peace Officers up to date on the latest COVID19 Developments.

Animal cruelty law enforcement will be faced with a number of issues regarding people and their pets over the timeline of the pandemic. We’re happy to make the National Animal Care and Control Association’s resources and the NYS Dept. of Agriculture and Markets guidance available. Based on this guidance, it is at the discretion of individual shelters whether or not to continue spay and neuter services for animals in their care.

NYS Department and Agriculture Guidance on Shelter and Animal Care Operations

NACA Resources
Animal Control Functions During the Pandemic
Removing Pets from Homes of Residents that are or Suspected to be Infected With COVID-19
Officer Safety During the Pandemic
Cat Intake Protocols During the Pandemic
Bite Quarantine Protocol During the Pandemic

NACA President Scott Giacoppo discusses responding to emergency calls during the COVID-19 on the organization’s podcast.

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