Beagle Bill Passes Both Houses

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NYS Animal Protection Federation and the Beagle Freedom Project Hail Passage of the Research Animal Retirement Act

The Research Animal Retirement Act passed the Assembly today following its unanimous passage in the Senate on Tuesday, June 7th. The bill would require state funded research facilities that use dogs or cats in their work to be offered for adoption through either private placement or through an agreement with one of New York’s animal shelters. The Research Animal Retirement Act is also known as the Beagle Bill because beagles are overwhelmingly used for research purposes because of their trusting nature.

“After all these dogs and cats have endured for our products and curiosities they deserve to have a chance at a real life.” Kevin Chase, spokesperson for the Beagle Freedom Project.

“This bill is a win/win for all involved. The animals will have loving homes to live out their lives and the research facilities will be able to work with the state’s network of animal shelters who are eager to place these animals,”  said Libby Post, Executive Director of the NYS Animal Protection Federation.

The bill calls state-funded research facilities to make available for adoption research animals that do not have to be euthanized at the end of testing for the sake of necropsy/cell and tissue samples. Currently, state law covers the treatment of these animals while they are in the labs. They must be provided with proper nourishment, pain management, bedding and other things that enhance their quality of life. This guarantees that the next step is taken–making sure these animals have quality of life after the research is completed and to provide the opportunity for adoption into loving homes.


 The NYS Animal Protection Federation represents NY’s SPCAs, Humane Societies, nonprofit and municipal animal shelters.

The Beagle Freedom Project is working across the country to enact laws that protect research animals and provide for adoption.