Foster Network
As the pandemic spreads, we will begin to see an increase of people unable to care for their pets. It will be important to increase your foster network. Check back here for more resources on this.
Expand Your Foster Network

Handling the Pets of Folks with COVID19
We’ll keep updating this information throughout the crisis. Please check back often.
Intake and Handling of Known COVID19 Exposed Animals
Key Learning Concepts from AAWA: COVID19 and Companion Animals

Separating People with COVID19 from Their Pets
Please note that the CDC has recommended that people with COVID19 symptoms/diagnosis separate themselves from their pets.

There has been some discussion that a pet may be a conduit for the virus through contact. It is possible that a person with COVID-19 could sneeze or otherwise contaminate their pet, and then another individual could touch that animal and contract the disease. Veterinary experts believe the risk for transmission would be low.

However, animals living with sick individuals should be kept away from other people and animals (quarantined at home), just as people who live with sick individuals must avoid contact with others.

When dealing with a pet of an infected person that comes into a shelter, staff should wear protective gear while decontaminating the pet.

Please read the information at this link.