Fed’s Proposal to the NYS DA’s Society Becomes a Reality

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This past June, the Fed’s Executive Director gave a presentation to the District Attorney’s Association of NY asking them to create an animal crimes task force. On March 5th, DAASNY’s president and Albany County District Attorney David Soares came to the Fed’s annual Creating New Perspectives on Animal Cruelty training and announced the formation of the group. “We’re very thankful to DAASNY for taking this important step forward,” said Libby Post, the Fed’s Executive Director. “Our goal is to get district attorneys across the state to take these crimes seriously. Having DAASNY recognize it as a real crime will enable DAs across the state to access important information and call on their expertise of their colleagues.” The Task Force is being co-chaired by Jed Painter from the Nassau County DA’s office and Jen McCanney from the Albany County DA’s office. Both Painter and McCanney have taken animal crimes cases seriously throughout their careers and have gotten the perpetrators of these crimes off the streets so they can’t hurt any more animals.” Click here to read press coverage in The Daily Gazette.