Governor Cuomo Signs the Puppy Mill Bill

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Governor Cuomo has signed A.740-A/S.3753-A, the Puppy Mill/Pre-Emption bill which would give localities the ability to regulate pet shops and puppy mils (that sell over 25 dogs annually to the public). This is a major step forward in protecting the lives of dogs in New York State. The following statements were released by the Federation’s leadership today.

Brad Shear, Executive Director
Mohawk Hudson Humane Society
President, NYS Animal Protection Federation:

I first want to thank the Governor for signing the third animal protection law of the year and making New York State safer for animals.   For far too long, humane societies and animal shelters have had to pay the price for disreputable breeders. When puppy mills are uncovered and brought to justice, those dogs end up with our organizations–the folks in each community who believe in treating animals humanely and with dignity. We feed them, care for them, nurse them back to health and adopt; them out. We also carry the financial burden. This bill will give our local governments the power to stop puppy mills and the irresponsible pet shops who sell these animals. 

Libby Post, Executive Director
NYS Animal Protection Federation:

Thankfully, Governor Cuomo’s signature on this bill couldn’t come soon enough. We just saw a horrible puppy mill incident in Montgomery County where a border collie breeder was finally brought to justice for not providing adequate shelter and care for his dogs–including puppies–as the polar vortex bore down on the Capital Region with sub-zero temperatures and considerable snow. The New York State Animal Protection Federation will now work with localities throughout the state to help them put mechanisms in place to stop puppy mills before more atrocities happen.