The New York State Animal Protection Federation has been asked to join the New York City Emergency Response Team for Companion Animals. Our goal is to help lessen the burden on the Animal Care Centers of NYC (one of our members) and other city-based shelters by caring these animals in upstate shelters. We now have an Animal Care Caravan!

The NYC COVID19 Pet Hotline has launched and the phone is ringing. People are calling for help with their companion animals. The majority of animals of COVID19 positive patients that need assistance will go to fosters coordinated by ACCNYC. There are other dogs and cats and smaller companion animals that will need permanent homes because either their owners have died or their owners can no longer afford to care for them.

We’re one state. We’re one organization dedicated to protecting companion animals and our shelters. The Federation is coordinating members who can take some of these animals into their shelters, care for them and get them ready for adoption. Only animals that have been relinquished will be coming to shelters outside of NYC.

Please help us work together and make sure dogs and cats from COVID19 households who can no longer be cared for have a place to go. Transport will be coordinated through the ACCNYC and Best Friends. The dogs and cats will be brought to you!

Please take a moment to fill out the form below. Thanks.