Shelters Considered Essential Services
After much work by the Federation, Animal Shelters are now considered essential services under Governor Cuomo’s executive order 202.6. Click here for a link to the guidance on this decision.

Under section 5, animal shelters are considered an essential service. Veterinary and animal health services are considered essential health care operations under section 1.

This is very good news. Shelter no longer have to reduce their workforce even though the Governor’s latest order is to reduced nonessential workers by 100% to help flatten the curve of the virus. You can read the Governor’s updated Executive Order guidance here:

Shelters should be responsible and prudent. Staff that can work remotely–office staff, etc.–should.

Staff should take all precautions when they are at the shelter–wash hands frequently, use protective gear when necessary and maintain social distancing.

Guidance from the Division of Animal Industry, NYS Dept. of Ag & Markets
On Sunday, March 22, the Division of Animal Industry out of the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets came out with Interim Guidance for Animal Care Operations.