Budget Priorities

  • Companion Animal Capital Fund (CACF). Continue state support at $5 million, plus retroactively applying current eligibility standards to previous years’ re-appropriations. This goal is in preparation for the 2025 launch of statewide shelter/rescue standard licensing & inspection.
  • Companion Animal Welfare Unit. Ensure funding Companion Animal Welfare Unit at the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets ($2 million appropriation in the 2023 State Budget) is included in the 2024 State Budget. This goal is also in preparation for the 2025 launch of statewide shelter/rescue standard licensing & inspection.
  • Animal Crimes Fund. $2.5 million in the 2024 State Budget to help offset the costs of caring for live evidence in animal crimes cases. Click here to read our memo.


  • Civil Remedy for Companion Animals (A.9215/S.8543). Introduces a legal path to animal forfeiture that does not require charging offender with a criminal offense. Click here to read our memo.
  • Expand Insurance Discrimination Law to Cover Renter’s Insurance (S.7416-A/A.6867-A). Builds upon and improves 2021 law prohibiting such discrimination in the issuance of homeowner’s insurance policies. Click here to read our memo.
  • Lowering Sales Threshold for State Regulation of Home-based Breeders (A.1649, Paulin). Lowers the sales threshold from 25 to 15 dogs offered for sale per year.
  • Animal Crimes Package
    • Weapons Inclusion Exception in Felony Cruelty Law (A.7094/S.6913). Elevates the penalty for causing physical injury to companion animals through use of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument while intending to cause serious physical injury. Click here to read our memo.
    • Appearance Ticket Exception (A.7989/S.7160). Authorizes police/HLE officers or agents to forego the issuance of an appearance ticket and bring a suspect directly into custody if the person is charged with a crime for which the court may order the posting of a security pursuant to the agriculture and markets law. Click here to read our memo.
    • Make Animal Fighting an Enterprise Crime (A.7303/S.8471). Includes animal fighting as a designated criminal act under the Penal Law’s Article 460 Enterprise Corruption statute and provides sentencing enhancements for certain animal fighting offenses. Click here to read our memo.
    • Livescan Access for SPCA officers (A.1196/S.1182). Provides SPCA officers access to live scan fingerprinting technology that allows officers to complete arrests independently and without the assistance of other law enforcement personnel, saving valuable time and resources. Click here to read our memo.
    • SPCA Qualified Agency Status (A.8150, senate number pending). Designates SPCAs as a qualified agency for the purpose of allowing access to the division of criminal justice services central data facility.


  • Repeals Puppy Mill Pipeline law of 2022 (A.6863). Direct attack on Puppy Mill Pipeline Act of 2022.
  • Increase and restructure dog fighting statute. (A.1148/S.3431-A).