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In 2009 the governor of New York State proposed eliminating the New York State Animal Population Control Program as a cost cutting measure.  Because of the poorly designed program, management was costly and the state needed to make cuts.

Rather than eliminate a program that led to the sterilization of thousands of animals across New York State, members of the NYS Animal Protection Federation stepped in with an alternative.  We proposed continuing to collect funds from a surcharge on dog licenses as the State had done for years, but instead of administering the funds from the Department of Agriculture and Markets, put the fund management out to bid to non-profits who would manage the fund and cover expenses from the fund.  The Department of Agriculture and Markets supported the new idea and we worked cooperatively to move our concept through one of the most difficult budget years in the State’s history.

In 2010 the legislature passed a bill based on our vision and it was soon signed by the Governor.  The fund’s management was put out to bid and the ASPCA (a Federation member) was awarded the contract.  The ASPCA agreed to manage the fund without any compensation so 100% of the funds collected will go to spay or neuter the pets of low income New Yorkers.

The process of passing this vital legislation brought together a group of animal welfare leaders from across the state who realized the importance of working together cooperatively to advocate for animals.

Protecting Spay/Neuter funding in New York State is only the beginning.  We envision progressive legislation that will continue to protect animals and support the work of animal welfare organizations.  Please Join us.