The Fed Helps Niagara SPCA

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The Fed got an email in December from Amy Lewis of the Niagara County SPCA. They had two hoarding cases in as many weeks and needed help placing animals, including a slew of pet rats. The Fed swing into action and contact shelters across the state. Here’s what Amy had to say about our work. “In December, our shelter took in roughly 350 rates and mice from two back-to-back hoarding cases, the over the course of the weeks immediately following became more than 450 rates and mice. We reached out to a few of our local SPCA’s who we partner with and some of our pet stores, but still had many to place. Thanks to connections with the NYS Animal Protection Federation, we were able to move an additional 120 rats out of our building. Our small shelter is not equipped to handle large number of animals like this long term and we are so thankful for Libby Post’s help in networking our story and moving these animals.” This is what makes the Fed’s work so worthwhile.